Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Random Update From Reggie-land 7/23/13

So, except for my playlists it has been a bit quiet over here on the Spotty Blog.

There are a few reasons for that.

This past week was Mom's birthday week, which meant a lot of good time spent with family, eating all kinds of yummy things that are not conducive to health and/or movement.

The recent Pennsyltuckian heat wave was not so great for encouraging activity, either.

Even when it seems like nothing is going on somehow things still happen.

I'm still working on the dragon novel, which is where most of my writing energy is at the moment. Another play is in the works, but it remains in its early stages.

The play Road To Nowhere, while it has an awesome director, producer and cast. (Paul Winarksi takes on the director and producer mantle, here.) Is still in search of a venue in NEPA

I did get some reading in this week. Libba Bray's Rebel Angels, the second book of a series whose debut I reviewed recently, did not disappoint. Still hooked, ya'll.

I also picked up Deborah Harkness' A Discovery of Witches, another first in a series. An interesting, twisty, book combining history, alchemy, genetics, witches, vampires, daemons and fated romance. This was one of those that I grabbed without reading the jacket. If I had, I'm not sure I would have picked it up because I might still be suffering a bit of vampire-fatigue, but I'm glad I did. For those of you who can't get enough of vampire stories, it's worth checking out. There's an interesting world structure.

Also, when productivity is impossible, I'm revisiting the X-files over on Netflix. So far, it's holding up for me.

The big excitement has been the acquisition of a scanner. (Yeah, I know, I'm slow on the technology thing. Shut up.)

Holy old timey pictures, Batman! I'm trying not to get completely pre-occupied with this new-fangled device and remain focused on present projects, but it's difficult when I am now able to foist things like this upon the world...

basement toilet at CBGB's

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