Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WRKC The Not-So-Hectic-Eclectic Playlist 7/9/14

Well, today's show went by too quickly, but it was fun and I got to play a lot of great stuff. Paul Shapera released Act 1 of the Atompunk Opera this week, and Ted McCloskey's new album, Sea Foam Green, also releases this week.
(Yes, there will be links embedded in the playlist...)

I don't know what Sue Henry was planning to do with that bagel schmearer but it seems her plans were foiled! She never did get past the lurking and cackling stage of her plan...

Okay, no more shenanigans, here is

The Playlist

Hour the First

Poe - Dolphin
Christina Musumeci - I Bit the Apple
Chuck Ragan - You and I Alone
Matthew Sweet - Sick of Myself
Morcheeba - Trigger Hippie
Geoffrey Lloyd - As Much As We Believe
Rasputina - Sweethaven
Tuneyards - The Real Thing
Morphine - Honey White
The Darcys - The River
Tom Waits - 16 Shells From A 30 Ought Six
Ted McCloskey - Cameras and Microphones
The Orwelles - The Righteous Ones
Reel Big Fish - Sell-Out
Franz Ferdinand - Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions

Hour the Second

The Hold Steady - Ask Her For Adderall
The Both - No Sir
Jesca Hoop - Hospital (Win Your Love)
Eleni Mandell - Put My Baby To Bed
Paul Shapera - The Atompunk Opera: The New Albion Guide to Analogue Consciousness: Act 1: Song 2: New Albion 9
Peggy Sue - The Shape We Made
Marah - Faraway You
Sean Rowe - Madman
SCOTS - Nitty Gritty
Nick Cave - I'll Love You Til the End of the World
Presidents of the U.S.A - Peaches
T Rex - 20th Century Boy
Hospitality - I Miss Your Bones
Old 97's - Timebomb
Billy Bragg & Wilco - She Came Along to Me
Elastica - Stutter

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