Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Volunteering at WRKC: Reggie's Not-So-Hectic-Eclectic: 6/19/13

So, some of you guys reading this already know that for the summer of 2013 I've decided to donate some of my time and energy to volunteering at a local college radio station, WRKC. I am doing a show called The Not-So-Hectic-Eclectic on Wednesdays from 1-3pm.

If you followed the link, you probably noticed that the college is affiliated with a religious institution.

Um. Yeah... about that...

Here, it is probably a good idea to place the usual disclaimer, which is to say that the views and opinions expressed here on the Spotty Blog in no way reflect or are associated with WRKC or King's College.

The disclaimer has dutifully been proclaimed!

So back to stuff about the show...

The idea is to play a pretty even mix of music from the beforetimes (the 90's and early ots being kind of my wheelhouse since that's where the radio skills I'm currently in the process of dusting off come from) and new stuff.

After poking around on the internet for a bit, checking out more of the new music scene in the internet age, it looks like it might be a good idea to start posting my playlists so that anyone out there listening can find the things they like.


It has always been true that there is so much out there. I used to be sooo on top of that. (You know, in the beforetimes.) Now, not so much. I rely on word of mouth. I'll listen to anything at least once and just like with books, my tastes are kind of all over the place. (Which explains the title, although the selection, it turns out, is sometimes more hectic than not, so that's a thing I might have to rethink.)

Often I'm exploring as much as anyone listening to the show might be. So, in the interests of helping to map out the musical terrain for myself as well as anyone else who might be interested, I'm posting my playlists on ye olde Spotty Blog.



Hour 1

Bjork - Joga
Pixies- Ed Is Dead
Bettie Serveert - Sugar the Pill
Dawn Kinnard - Father Couldn't Break It To You
Cat Power - American Flag
*Smiths - Shoplifters of the World Unite
Fiona Apple- Hot Knife
Charles Ramsey- Odelia
Pavement - Stereo
Vampire Weekend - Step
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - Rainbow Connection
Ted McCloskey - The Last of the Pin Up Girls
Ani DiFranco - Shameless
Devotchka - How It Ends
Kris Kehr and Stone Poets - Dear Stephanie
Eilen Jewel - Queen of the Minor Key

Hour 2

She & Him - I've Got Your Number, Son
Foals - Bad Habit
Foxygen- In The Darkness
Cakelike - Lucky One
Fine Young Cannibals - Love For Sale
Southern Culture on the Skids - Camel Walk
Lucinda Williams - This Old Guitar
Moxy Fruvous - The Present Tense Tureen
T. Rex - Cadillac
They Might Be Giants - Cowtown
Peter Gabriel - Growing Up
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - One Love To Another
Dawn Kinnard - Death Is A Shark
Luscious Jackson - Under Your Skin
Elastica - Car Song
Jessca Hoop - Whispering Light
Ted McCloskey - Little Beat Sweetner

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