Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WRKC: The Not-So-Hectic-Eclectic Playlist 6/26/13

This week was heavy on Americana, Roots Rock and singer/songwriter music with multiple tracks from Marah, who I donned the squeepants for earlier this week....

Also, I should let you guys know that July 3rd I won't be on-air... sometimes, life intervenes. But I WILL be back the following week, hopefully with some new stuff from Everywhere Danger!

Rock on...

Hour 1

Marah - Faraway You
Dawn Kinnard- Father Couldn't Break It To You
Vampire Weekend- Step
Cornershop- Brimful of Asha
Ted Mccloskey-The Last of the Pin-up Girls
Eleanor Friedburger- She's a Mirror
Charles Ramsey- Odelia
The Incredible Moses Leroy- the 4a
The Eels- Accident Prone
Kris Kehr- Dear Stephanie
*Daft Punk- Get Lucky
Marah- Angels on a Passing Train
Tarnation with Joe Gore - Leaving On A Jet Plane
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes- Wooden Indian
Neko Case- Man
Ani Difranco- Gravel
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion-Wail

Hour 2
Widowspeak- Locusts
Lucie Gamelon- Good Advice
Of Monsters and Men- Little Talks
Hefner- The Hymn For the Cigarettes
Marah- Life is a Problem
Eilen Jewel- Warning Signs
The Replacements- Busted Up
Tom Waits- Jockey Full of Bourbon
Dandy Warhols- We Used to be Friends
Beta Band- Round the Bend
Jake Bugg- Two Fingers
Meryn Cadell- The Sweater
Jonathan Fireeater- No Love Like That
Luscious Jackson- Naked Eye
Scott Walker- Jackie
Marah- Point Breeze

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