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Spotty Blog Interview: Ian T Healy COMES BACK!

So, back in February, I interviewed superhero fiction author and publisher Ian Healy here on the Spotty Blog. AND HE ACTUALLY AGREED TO COME BACK OMG!

This time, he's got a new book from the Just Cause Universe coming out, with a cover reveal party on facebook on 9/30/14 to help promote it. You can find his books on Amazon, or go directly to Local Hero Press.

When I was publishing my book Haunted, Ian was kind enough to answer a bunch of questions for me about stuff that was making me feel anxious. He didn't even make me pay for therapy! That makes him a swell guy.

And he writes good, too.

The Interview

Q) The Just Cause Universe follows a team of super-heroes through a series of adventures in which [redacted because spoilers]. What was different for you in writing Champion?

A) This was the first time I'd come back to my original cast of characters since The Archmage, book 2 in the series. Day of the Destroyer, book 3, dealt with Mustang Sally's parents and was the secret origin of her biggest enemy. Deep Six, book 4, broadened the world by focusing on the prison for parahuman offenders. Jackrabbit, book 5, was a straight-up one shot with a character that was lots of fun. Champion is a continuation of Mustang Sally's story and really brings to a close her coming-of-age storyline. The next book in the series, Castles, deals with a major change in her life.

Champion is also a murder mystery, which is something I've always wanted to write.

Q) In superhero worlds, costumes are important for defining characters and their powers. If you were a superhero, what would be the most significant aspect of your on-duty costume? 

A) Being able to use the bathroom when you need to without having to take the entire thing off.

 Q) How do you design/select your cover art?

A) I hire artists based upon a variety of criteria (there are guidelines posted on, and work closely with the artist to develop an exciting, eye-catching cover. I'm thrilled to be working with Ontario artist Irshad Karim. His Champion cover is spectacular and he will be doing the Castles cover as well.

Q) You've written across a variety of sub-genres. What is the most challenging for you? What keeps you coming back to the world of super-hero fiction?

A) Superhero fiction is  my first love, and you never really let your first love go. I've written a lot of other genres, and the two hardest for me by far are horror and mainstream (without any kind of science fiction or fantasy elements). The bulk of work that I have trunked, meaning I will most likely never finish/never release it, is in those two genres.

Q) What is the main focus of Champion?

A) "What defines a hero?"

Q) Bandanas or bananas?

A) Bandanas. They're awesome for holding my waves of curls back.

Q) When it comes to the business side of self-publishing, what is the most important thing you think anyone thinking of doing this should know?

A) Don't do it unless you are prepared to do ALL the work and spend ALL the money.

Q) If you had to choose between a cape or a set of gauntlets, which would you choose?

A) Depends on whether or not the cape allows me to fly or the gauntlets allow me to fire lasers. If they're just stylistic, I'd go with the cape because it would be hard to type wearing gauntlets. And honestly, I'd rather fly than shoot lasers. How often do you really need a laser outside of your commute?

Q) How do you maintain the tension in superhero narratives? 

A) Rubber bands. LOL. The same way you maintain tension in any narrative. Throw worse and worse things at your hero until she can't possibly succeed, and then see how she powers her way through it anyway.

Q) What's your favorite flavor of rock'n'roll?

A) Progressive rock. I learned to play bass listening to Rush.

CHAMPION releases on November 25th. Link to preorder it can be found here:

For more information, follow Ian on Twitter as @ianthealy or on Facebook as Author Ian Thomas Healy.

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