Monday, February 11, 2013

Categories Player Interview the Twelfth: Dr. Ham


Dr. Ham is a man of many medicinal machinations regarding ham. (Or I could be making that up.) A radio rapscallion, a man of varied interests, a lover of music, sci-fi, horror, comics and beads, Dr. Ham invented the ritual of the Punishment Song, which is a song played to torture anyone who makes a request during his radio show who is not paying attention to the theme or format of the show. The show and the Punishment Songs happen on Friday night at WRKC during Dr. Ham's Dance Party. ( ) I suspect that folks request things that are out of format on purpose because the Punishment Songs are hilari-awesome. (I know that I do.)

People of the interwebs! I present to you Dr. Ham.


Q. How do you use awesome sauce?

A. I use awesomesauce as lubricant on my evil scientific devices.

Q. Winter or Summer? Why?

A. Winter, because the snow brings the wolves, and I could use some watchdogs here at Castle Ham.

Q. Favorite clothing item?

A. My top hat.

Q. What were you doing right before I started asking you a bunch of inane questions?

A. Feeding the zombies some macaroni and spleen. They love it!

Q. What started your interest in radio?

A. It gave me something to distract me when I went through a dark period (DARK PERIOD!!!) where none of my inventions and evil schemes were working. Plus, I hear it's a good way to meet the chicks.

Q. Favorite thing about Dr. Ham's Dance party?

A. That I can play different formats of music, the station powers-that-be don't bother me about it, and some people actually like it. Which is good, because most of the music people listen to is crap. Hopefully, Dr. Ham can change that.

Q. Favorite beverage of the moment?

A. Grape soda mixed with milk. I'm also very fond of Yoo-Hoo.

Q. What is your current favorite escapist pleasure?

A. Building giant robots and then letting them run amok on some poor unsuspecting city. Oh, yes, I also enjoy collecting weird old movies.

Q. Favorite musical moment?

A. That's a tough one. There's probably a couple -a)meeting Robyn Hitchcock at the Scranton Cultural Center, b) Seeing and meeting 3/4 of Talking Heads at Webster Hall, c)Seeing Faith No More with a then unknown Helmet at the F.M. Kirby center, d)Seeing and meeting Eilen Jewell at the Mauch Cunk Opera House, e) Seeing the Cramps in concert, f)getting dragged onto stage by Mike Ford of Moxy Fruvous during a performance of "Spiderman" at the Wetlands.

Q. Favorite source of protein?

A. Gyros!

Q. Tell us about your current creative project/s.

A. Building an army of zombies and giant robots to take over the world (if those two lab mice don't beat me to it first!), doing my anti-valentine's show (Feb. and continuing February's music format of goth, industrial, and new age, followed by folk-rock in March. I'd also like to set up a FB page for the show at some point soon.


  1. The Love Doctor, Doctor of Love, is a big fan of Dr. Ham...

    1. Nice try, Love doctor, but, since I know you have a girlfriend, you don't get to be on the Anti-Valentine's show.


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