Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Don't Pirate My Book Day! Something like that

Yesterday over at Chuck Wendig shared his thoughts on book piracy, its problems and its positive potential. (If you aren't reading Chuck Wendig's blog, get over there now. Seriously. He has awesomesauce and unicorns. If you are a writer, you REALLY need to be reading his blog. He has awesomesauce and unicorns with saddlebags full of booky goodness.)

So, piracy and how it is an issue for me personally... well, let's see. I am relatively unknown in the world of publishing, so this has not affected my personal revenue to the best of my knowledge. Most of my published work has appeared in anthologies, online, or in magazines.

Here's the thing. Those independent presses that believe in my work, what the work has to say, who believe in art so much that they go through the hassle of producing bound copies of stories, distributing and then promoting those copies ... I want them to stick around.

I might not be a writer who benefits from royalties or direct sales of e-books (yet) but I'd like my heroes and friends to keep getting paid so they don't have to give up the dream that they are living to join me at the fish counter at the grocery store. (Although, that could be really fun. I'm seeing puppet shows with the dead clams which have the potential to both disgust and amaze. Seriously. I can't think of anything more disgusting than dead clams, or more potentially hilarious than a dead clam puppet show.) Keeping those friends and heroes getting paid gives struggling writers like me hope for the future. Otherwise, I might have to join the Borg. (Damn it, Locutus, get off of me!)

So yeah, visit and read Mr. Wendig's thoughts on the subject.

This chick right here needs to go do some voice work.

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