Saturday, March 16, 2013

Meet Architect Justin Shaulis!


I have known Justin Shaulis for mumblesomething years. We were in college at the same time and met between classes at the coffee shop where many of the infamous Categories Players congregated.

(He may or may not have been witness to the evisceration of the chocolate bunny performed by Dennis Kalup and myself. I can't be certain.)

What I remember most about Justin is that no matter what he was doing he always threw his whole self into it. He has the rare gift of being really present at every moment. I remember conversations about architecture and his enthusiasm for it. He talked about his dream projects in such a way that I could practically see them taking shape as he spoke. It's great to be in touch with him again through the modern miracle of the interweb, but it's also wonderful to see him doing so well with the things he loved mumblesomething years ago.

You can find his architecture and interior design firm Justin Shaulis, Inc. here

If his name sounds familiar to you, that may be because he was the designer for HGTV's Home Rules. You can find out more about that here

Q. Boots or sneakers?
A. High tops!

Q. First thought when confronted with waking up?

A. Where is my coffee?

Q. Coffee or tea?

A. Coffee.

Q. What were you doing right before I started asking you a bunch of inane questions?

A. Designing a staircase.

Q. Can you describe a bit of what it was like to merge your expertise with television? How did that come about?

A. I learned quickly that designing for the camera is different than designing for life. Colors must be more saturated and complimentary - tone on tone doesn't show up. There also needs to be a balance of matte and gloss- otherwise it looks flat. Texture is integral to the lighting. It has taught me much and I have introduced those concepts to my work off-camera.

It came about through a great friend. I wasn't keen on the idea and she convinced me to do the interview. I am glad the TV Show happened. I worked with amazing people on a network that values thoughtful design.

Q. Are you an animal person?

A. A dog person.

Q. Favorite food thing of the moment?

A. Enchiladas. Steak. Lots of cheese.

Q. If you could collaborate on a project with anyone living, dead or imaginary, who would you choose?

A. Difficult question! On Pinterest, I came across the work of Jean-Louis Deniot. I would appreciate the opportunity to study his process of design first hand. Deniot's work is classic and refined yet also balanced with light-heartedness and an edge. I think his effect is what I will strive for on every project.

Q. Tell us about your current creative project/s?

A. It's a beach house on the Jersey Shore. The family has had a house there for two decades.
Zoning is different after hurricane Sandy and we are doing our best to pay homage to the memories of the previous house while still working to create something meaningful - all of while being mindful of potential future storms.

Just an aside- I will be published in two coffee table books soon! Panache is the publisher.
I am very excited about them.

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