Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Meet Composer and Sound Designer Adam Ditroia!


Mumblesomething years ago, in the beforetimes, I went to this thing called high school wherein I met many persons, one of whom is Adam Ditroia.

I'm not going to tell you embarrassing stories about our misadventures participating in High School Rock Band during which I sang lead for a cover of the Bangles "Eternal Flame" and Adam graciously handled the keys, because ... well... what happened in the beforetimes stays in the beforetimes, or something like that. What I remember most about him is that he was very focused and at a time when most of us were still sort of figuring things out, he seemed like a guy who knew exactly what he wanted to do.

He has long since moved on to bigger and better projects. He's written music that has been featured on the Travel Channel, the History Channel, and MTV just to name a few. His aural stamp has also graced several video games, phone apps and websites. I'm happy to be able to say, "I knew him when..."

Find him on Twitter: @ditroiamusic

Find out about Adam Ditroia's music here.

Check out his new endeavor Trailer Music, A.D on facebook

*note: the beforetimes refer to those halcyon days wherein there was no internet...


Q) White socks or argyle?

A) White most of the time.

Q) When did you first know you wanted to be a musician/composer?

A)  I think I knew on a subconscious level as a child. But it became real when I was about 15.

Q) Favorite internet meme?

A) Good question...probably that miserable cat on Facebook lol.

Q) First thought when confronted with waking up?

A) Usually, "Dear God ,I'm tired!"

Q) What inspired you to begin 570 Music and Sound and Trailer Music, A.D? Can you tell us a little bit about your companies?

A) 570 Music and Sound is the local part of what I do. It focuses on providing “Hollywood” quality audio at much more affordable rates. I offer services like custom music, sound effects, location sound, jingles, songwriting, music licensing, audio editing, etc. Trailer Music A.D exists solely to create and license music for film and game trailers as well as DVD/Blu-Ray “behind the scenes”, and television spots.

Q) What were you doing right before I started asking you a bunch of inane questions?

A) Working on the music and sounds for an upcoming iphone/ipad game.

Q) What’s on your music stand right now?

A) DUST! Lol. Really need to dig it out.

Q) If you could work on a musical project with anyone living, dead, real or imaginary who would that be?

A)  I'd probably want to join Spongebob's band. The one that played at the Bikini Bottom Bowl Other than that...I'd really like to do a studio album with Steve Vai.

Q) Favorite food thing of the moment?

A) Granola bars.

Q) What are your favorite instruments/tools to work with?

A) My main recording software is Cakewalk's Sonar X1 at the moment. I also use Propellerhead's Reason sometimes. For sound design/editing, etc I mostly use Sony Soundforge and Vegas. I have a ton of virtual instruments with a few I usually gravitate towards.

Q) Tell us about your current creative project/s?

A) Currently, I'm working on about 6 different iOS games/apps. I'm also trying to finish up my first Trailer Music A.D release and a few other projects.


  1. Thank you for this very fun interview Reggie! I appreciate the touching and nostalgic intro as well :) I remember those times well!


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