Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Random Thoughts: Do You Talk To Yourself?

Today's exercise in random thoughts has to do with talking to yourself. I do it constantly. Talk to myself, I mean. Not *your* self. You know what I mean.

 The place I do it most frequently is at my paying-the-bills job. I got caught telling an ice machine to stop being a pain in the ass. So, not only do I talk to myself, I apparently anthropomorphize inanimate objects. I don't know if this is quirky and funny or merely guano insane.

While a part of me is aware that turning to the internet for answers to questions like this probably is not the best thing in the world, my web-addicted self said (out-loud in a room containing no audience) "What can it hurt?"

A few seconds later Google answered my query with about a billion contradicting articles. Weirdly (or synchronistically?) all of these articles seem to have been posted in April of 2012. Do we talk to ourselves more often in the month of April? Is there some larger pattern here of which I am unaware?

*shakes it off in an attempt to get back to the original topic.

Rather than give you an overly detailed and pedantic account of what each article contained, I'll summarize. There appears to be two ways of thinking about the fact that you talk to yourself.

1) Congratulations! You ARE, in fact, showing signs of livin' la vida certifiable!


2) Congratulations! You are PERFECTLY NORMAL in EVERY WAY and may be naturally relieving stress while increasing your findy mojo!

(Sidenote: findy mojo is your ability to locate an object that you need, or think you need, for whatever reason. Apparently stating the name of the afore-mentioned object helps you find it more quickly according to this.)

So, um, I guess that's something.

Here's something weird, though. I don't talk to myself out loud when I am writing fiction, which seems like a natural fit. I mean, what better time or place is there to talk to yourself than when making up worlds, characters and situations? I talk to myself later, when I'm editing, but not when I'm writing. Just an observation.

So, I'm curious about you, my anonymous blog-readers.

*Warning: cheesy blog-ending question ahead...

Do you talk to yourself? When and where? If you also write, do you do it when you're writing?


  1. I don't really talk to myself, but as someone seriously lacking in the findy-mojo department maybe I should start.

  2. I always talk to myself. Especially when I write. I'm seriously worried that there's some serious dementia awaiting me in my old age. No lie!

  3. I only talk to myself when I get irritated or pretend I'm talking to someone on my cell when I walk past weird people on the sidewalk lol.


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