Saturday, August 31, 2013

Reggie's Ear Candy: Indie Musician Kael Janson Weis AKA Everywhere Danger!

Right, so in my last post on music, I talked about what I thought might be wrong with music, at least pop music (the stuff with a far reach) in 2013 as indicated by the VMAs.

So, I thought it might be a good idea to talk about what's RIGHT about it.

One thing that the interweb gives us is the ability to find and enjoy musical projects that might not otherwise find an audience outside of the musicians' locality. This is a very cool thing.

On a personal note, it enables me to listen to the work of some of my far flung friends, people who I know whose work I admire that I have no other way of accessing. It is particularly satisfying when the work of these friends succeeds in making me squee.

Kael's music is one of those things. Delicately wrought, haunting and sometimes surprisingly hard-hitting, his music is very much worth paying attention to, particularly for those of us who recall the indie of the 90s and long for something evocative of that. Don't misunderstand me, the sound is uniquely his own, but it has that feeling. Full of sadness and possibilities and quirky humor, the music has a way of following you around throughout the day, teasing at the edges of everything else that happens.

Check him out on Soundcloud.


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