Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WRKC: The Not-So-Hectic-Eclectic Playlist 8/21/13

Well, this week I attempted to populate the playlist with as many requests as possible. It's a mighty fine thing that you guys have good taste.

I've got one more week on the air for the summer. I am soooo going to miss this. I may not corporeally be there, however... I will be leaving something behind.

In the form of liners.

There may also be an embarrassing level check thingy wherein I yell something... profane.


Damn, that was fun.

*wipes eyes*

*plays some more music and presents...

The Playlist

Hour 1

Berlin - No More Words
Air- Kelly Watch the Stars
Ted Leo - Army Bound
David Garza - Discoball World
Mountain Goats - Until I Am Whole
Rogue Wave - College
Built To Spill - Car
Alabama Shakes - Hang Loose
Concrete Blonde - Everybody Knows
Wilco - Burned
Magnetic Fields - Quick!
Folk Implosion - Natural One
Your New Crush - Bright Stars
Bat For Lashes - Laura
Robyn Hitchcock - The Cheese Alarm
Justin Townes Earle - Nothing's Going To Change the Way You Feel About Me Now
Tom Waits - Get Behind the Mule
The Love Language - Calm Down
A3 - Woke Up This Morning
Illinois - Nosebleed
Neko Case - Man

Hour 2

Eilen Jewell - Queen of the Minor Key
Southern Culture on the Skids - Nitty Gritty
The New Morty Show - Unskinny Bop
Space - Mr. Psycho
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Mosquito
Jessca Hoop - Four Dreams
Jason Isbell - Grown
Ted Mcloskey - I Just Wanna Disappear
Marah - Point Breeze
Talking Heads - Swamp
Polyphonic Spree - Popular By Design
Apples In Stereo - The Bird That You Can't See
Ani Difranco - Angry Anymore
King Missile - Cheesecake Truck
Bear McCreary- Battlestar Galactica Main Title (U.S)

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