Monday, January 21, 2013

A Day in the Life: Today's Theme: Indecision

Most days the wake up routine is the same. I crawl out of bed grumbling, stumble to the kitchen and make coffee, talk to Mae the parrot, take Charlie the dog outside and watch him chase the squirrels, take care of the usual bathroom business, eat something and stumble back to my room and choose which writing project to work on for the day before I have to leave the house and go to the muggle job.

Not terribly exciting, but then we are talking about most days.

Today, I find myself struggling with making that choice. I always have several creative projects in various stages of development. I'm not sure how or why that happens, but it just seems to be how I roll. Sometimes this works perfectly, one project feeds the other no matter how disparate. If I get stuck in one I can switch to another project and work on that, then return to the first project.

Today somehow, I can't make up my mind. Right now I'm blaming Leviticus Tooth. Dude sort of captured my imagination and I want to explore his story but the issue is that I have a short story in progress, a new play in progress, a finished play that will be performed this year in need of rewrites, two novels in need of rewrites and a screenplay requiring some work. I'm also drumming up ideas for a new novella set in the Fork You universe tentatively titled Spork That.

ALL of these things are taking up space in my head this morning and they are waging a quiet little war for my attention. I will pick one of them before my crazy brain sweeps it all aside in favor of some other idea that's all shiny and new.

My question to you is, when this sort of thing happens, what criteria do you use to choose what to work on?


  1. Tis simple you sit alone in the dark with all your work floating around in your head. You sit and think think and think somemore than an idea will infact hit you and that is what you work on could be 1 of the things you wanted to work on or a spark of fresh imagination may occur..............btw nice feet : )


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