Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Categories Player Interview the Eighth: Jean Roman


Jean Roman is un chanteuse extraordinaire, with one of the sweetest, clearest voices. A gifted poet and folksinger, I've been lucky enough to read with her and to work with her on a few creative projects. (You can find her on SoundCloud as jeanieroman) She contributed some beautiful poems to a compilation called the Juicebox Project and acted as a coal-cracker matriarch in a play I wrote called The Reason We Can't Have Nice Things, which was a soap opera spoof performed in coal-speak. One of my favorite quotes of Jean's is "I just want to be." Don't we all? Whenever my head starts spinning I think of that instead of whatever (usually silly) thing it is that's getting me all nutters.
This is a woman with a lot to offer any community lucky enough to have her and she gives great hug.


Q. Boxers or briefs?

A. My dad had a boxer named Sarge, I liked that dog. My personal choice for underwear is usually high-cut briefs or none at all.

Q. Current profession?

A. My profession has always been 'muddling along'. Though I love when I am given any opportunity to muddle with music and words, and with healing intentions. The universe is a crazy bitch. It's a constant shake of the head. My moneyed job is as a telephone customer service rep for PSECU (a great credit union). We'll see.

(...and later)
After sleeping on it, I realized that in truth, I am not just muddling along in my profession. Muddling along implies a lack of direction. IN fact, it's just that I rarely make any money doing what I love to do; and profession, in this society, implies money. I've been studying sound and breath healing modalities for over 20 years. I am a certified Acutonics practitioner - amazing work with specially calibrated tuning forks, applied to acupressure points on the body - it's profound, and beautiful. And I have 360 hrs of training, and two years of practical experience as a massage therapist. I can't practice massage legally anymore in PA because they passed laws prohibiting me from doing so. I can't get grandfathered in because when the time to do so was happening, I had a fractured pelvis and couldn't work. I write every day. I sit and contemplate the wonders of the world. I am an fabulous cook. And like Reggie said, I give great hugs.

Q. Favorite color?

A. I have at least two: the sky in northern New Mexico in the autumn, and the ocean on a stormy day

Q. First thought when confronted with waking up.

A. What the hell? (usually in response to a dream)

Q. What was your reaction when 12/21/2012 came and went and the world was still here?

A. Well, I wasn't surprised. Those Mayans are typically a bunch of jokesters ... actually, I am hoping that consciousness is a bit more enlightened on this wacky playground that we call Earth.

Q.  Favorite Categories thing.

A. Reading everyone else's responses.

Q. What were you doing right before I started asking you a bunch of inane questions?

A. Drinking coffee (I am still drinking coffee)

Q. Are you an animal person?

A. Are you suggesting I know how to shapeshift? Or that I am a Furry? Otters turn me on ...

Q. Favorite food thing of the moment?

A. Potato soup

Q. What are your thoughts on the subject of yam salve?

A. It's only recently that I understand the mechanism of yam salve. I have yet to compete for the prize because I am usually too late tuning in. I like yams. And salve.

Q. Tell us about your current creative project/s.

A. I am gearing up to begin to write some memoirs from those crazy coal region days and nights. Also, creating a space within myself whereby it's not so painful to be me, in all iterations; a continual process. It sure would be great to create the pathway to my true tribe...

As for creative projects, well, I sing all the time. I write. I play my guitar. I have a small catalog of songs, and this year, after 'muddling' for so long, I intend to get them out there in the world in a larger way.


  1. I've always admired Jean, and am thrilled you did a Categories Player Interview with her. You are both inspiring ladies!

  2. I was thrilled to do it. Thanks, Devon!


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