Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Categories Player Interview the Ninth: Carl Croushore


When I think of Carl Croushore, I think of verbal tough love delivered with an amazing grin. A purveyor of one of my drugs of choice (here I am referring to books) I know him to be calm, fair-minded and fun. A categories VIP, the charm and wit of Carl Croushore has contributed greatly to the flight of many roflcopters in my corner of the internet, as in life. A man with strong hands (or so I have heard) he is also an artiste. In Reggie-land we do love the artistes... so let me introduce you to one...


Q. Boxers or briefs?

A. Boxer-briefs

Q. Current profession?

A. Library staff at UW-Madison

Q. Favorite color?

A. Opal

Q. First thought when confronted with waking up.

A. "What time is it?!?"

Q. What was your reaction when 12/21/2012 came and went and the world was still here?

A. The Mayans were great practical jokers

Q. Favorite Categories thing.

A. Games People Play

Q. What were you doing right before I started asking you a bunch of inane questions?

A. Helping a patron with a graduate carrel.

Q. Are you an animal person?

A. Yes.

Q. Favorite food thing of the moment?

A. Sushi (always!)

Q.  What are your thoughts on the subject of yam salve?

A. If it works for yams ...

Q. Tell us about your current creative project/s.

A. I'm currently working on the wax master for a friend's Hammer of Thor pendant.
I'm finishing a long-overdue tool project for a friend.
I'm getting ready to clean out my "man-space" to make room for some concerted metal-smithing to create a professional portfolio.

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